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An Olympus XA4 at a car boot sale today for 0.50 which is about $0.80 US.

Seems to be fully working. I have just put a film in it and I'm going out with it now.

Steve, I'll pay you 10x the price for your XA4 (if it works). ;-)

My brother gave me his latest garage sale find for $20. A chrome Pentax Spotmatic F with a 50/1.4 SMC Takumar, a 135/3.5 Super-Takumar with the correct lens hood and a 28/2.8 Montgomery Ward Auto Wide lens. Also included was a nice quality and original Asahi Pentax Spotmatic Operating Manual (more like a nice booklet) and a Magic Lantern Guide for the Pentax classic cameras (K2, KM, KX, LX, M Series and Spotmatic Series. All in great condition. He paid $10 for it all.