Here's mine-it's already been tested in action and bits have appeared in B&W uk (april 02 and june 03)-writing it was reasonably painless in the end.Keeping it short and sweet is good-like Edward Weston's
(" discovery excites me to focus"... etc).


This work is about experiencing the northern landscape and its special quality of light. It was partly inspired by Wordsworth's poetry and 'Arctic Dreams' by Barry Lopez (a wonderfully inspiring book about imagination and discovery in a northern landscape). I'm also interested in exploring unfamiliar landscapes that totally contrast with the Wiltshire and Dorset landscapes that I'm familiar with. the endless everchanging skies and dark frowning crags of northern Scotland. You step out of your front door with a camera and you can find yourself swept away on a journey that can take you anywhere you can imagine. When you get to the northernmost parts of Scotland you're closer to Scandinavia than to London and there's largely empty space between you and the Arctic- I love the elemental quality of these landscapes. When the roars of the stags echo in the glens then you could be in some other world or time listening to the calls of strange and mysterious monsters.