Thank you Clint, Bob, and Nick for the input. I'm getting what I need bit by bit and soon will take the big plunge into developing my own slides and prints.

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We're just about the opposite in that respect -- I'm much more at ease planting myself in at 8th and Nicollet Mall at noon than I would ever be out in the refuges.

Although, I would love to get some shots of the egrets and herons next year. Have you found a good place to shoot the big waterfowl?
I've been told the MN Valley Nat'l Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center in Bloomington provides a lot of photographic opportunities - they have an observation platform. The address is 3815 E 80th St. in Bloomington. Further south, off 169 & 101, is the Wilkie Unit. There is a large nesting colony of Great Blue Herons there. The area is closed from March through August. Out here in Carver (Chaska Unit) and Jordan (MN Valley State Rec and Louisville Swamp) I regularly see Great Blues, Egrets, American Pelicans, Killdeer, and I've seen large numbers of Double Crested Comorants. On a rare and considerably lucky occassion I have seen a Green Heron.