I set up a 'still life' in a corner with a large piece of cardboard, an off-white chair and a pillow with bold stripes of varying colours. I put in a small floor lamp with a 60watt bulb. My objective was to simulate 'normal' interior lighting conditions under which one usually uses flash. I also placed in the frame a variety of tones and textures to help in identifying the best shutter speed for each aperture. I then used the dial in the Kodak Pro Guide and determined that at 11ft I ought to use f8.

I did a series of flash exposures at f11, f8 and f5.6 for each of 1/30, 1/60, 1/125 and 1/250.

If I understand the advice that you all gave me this is an appropriate approach to the question. I will develop the roll this evening to see the results.

Can anyone offer any further opinons or points?