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"Depth of field [...] not unrelated to enlargement factor."

So unless(sic) you print both panoramic and normal frames to the same height (i.e. same final magnification), DOF will be the same.
If you however decide that both size frames are to be printed equally wide (i.e. not the same final magnification), DOF will indeed be different.
With the XPan, the above would be correct, but I think the word "unless" should be "if".

The point is, with the XPan, it is implicit that the amount of enlargement is the same with only the aspect ratio changing from one view to the other. We might argue about what Hasselblad determined to be the "acceptable" enlargement of a 35mm film camera image, but whatever was eventually agreed on would not change just because the film gate was wider. Images made on my XPan are no different than those on my Contax as to how much they can be enlarged before I consider than to be unacceptable, never mind which mode was used--so long as they are enlarged the same amount, which is to say, to the same height.