I'm not sure whether Vanbar will appreciate my kibitzing in their business, but here goes:

They have aquired a large number of enlargers from the State Library of NSW, and they are at the Camperdown shop awaiting packing and freight to the spoilt Melbournians. I saw Dursts, DeVeres and I think a Besseler; mostly with Ilford 500 heads and ancilliaries. There is at least one 8x10 and 35, also 4x5s.

I didn't get as far as checking lenses.

As each machine seemed to be a package, I would imagine the bits and pieces purchaser might not be in the race at this point.

Surely the idea of shipping these to Melbourne and back again to one of our superior Sydney photographers is not to be contemplated? Wave the waratah NS Welshmen (and women)!

Regards - Ross