Interesting, I was in the North Melbourne warehouse/shop on Friday.

One of the staff there is going to move his darkroom stuff, which includes a motorised Beseler 4x5 with a colour head. He is going to email me with the details so I can forward it onto people who are after an enlarger.

In the North Melbourne warehouse/shop, there were (I didn't look this time) down the back about 10 or so enlargers, ranging from 35mm through to one or two 4x5 enlargers.

I'm not really sure where they intend to move this lot, but even though I haven't seen the Sydney premises, I would venture the space they have in the North Melbourne place leaves both that and the Carlton shop for dead.

Interesting information Ross, were any of the 8x10's a DeVere by any chance? Even a 5x7 would do nicely, thank you very much.

There does seem to be another slew of darkroom machinery in the form of processors gathering dust at the North Melbourne shop. Perhaps these are trade-ins for electronic state of the art (this week) equipment?