I've tried just about all of the various colour neg films for portraits and have concluded that they can all be pretty good. I've settled on Fuji NPH and NPS for my needs but in the end I think the person doing the printing, the type of machine, the chemicals and especially the paper they are using have just as much influence on the final outcome as film choice.

I use a proofing service at a local lab where I can speak directly to the person doing the printing. I have asked her for her opinion aboutt neg films. She tells me that the machine they use currently (Konica) loves Fuji and Konica films. It is rather indifferent to Kodak films and has a hard time with Agfa films.

Another machine (different make, different paper) would probably have a different set of "preferences". Just because film xyz really looks great from one lab does not guarantee that it will look good from any lab. Custom labs of course should be able to get just about any film "just right" but that's why you pay the big bucks for custom printing.

My suggestion is to spend just as much, if not more time finding good lab as you do checking out the various films. This is especially true nowadays with digital printers that tend to make prints from all neg films look more or less the same.

If you already have a good lab, give Fuji NPH and NPS a try, you may like them as much as I do.