I have not tried this formula, but it's title would seem to make sense. Dassonville D-1 Charcoal Black Paper Developer, per the darkroom cookbook.

Start w/ 750ml quite warm water to help the metol dissolve. Add a 'pinch' of sulfite to keep the metol from oxidising before it can work on the paper.

3 g metol - developer
43g sodium sulfite - preservative
11g hydroquinone - developer - works with metol better than either on thier own.
35g sodium carbonate, monhydrate - alkaline - only amidol develops in acid solutions. This amount is about half of the content of most other typical stock solutions
2 g potassium bromide - restrainer
water to 1l.

use 1:1, developing prints for 2 minutes are the given instructions.

Most other developers are more commonly used at 1:2 or even 1:3, so there is more developing agents per litre of working solution - so this should correspond to longer development in film developer. The blacks would develop to completion, but the almost blacks would also head toward completion. The reduced alkaline should balance out the tendency to drive too much of the partial greys to full black.