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Hi everyone, I received the address list today. Can anyone tell me how to import the "line notation" of the address list into Excel. I'm signed up for the max and am hoping I won't have to hand address my postcards.
Hi Roger,

Like Matt, I also do not use Excel and to be honest, I never used it. I have once imported all the postcards addresses into my address book app on the Mac and use those to mail merge. For every round I have to check for address changes and to add the new addresses (20 new participants this round!).

But since it is installed on my work PC I just tried to import the data. Here is how it goes. To just import the address data into an Excel worksheet copy the line notation into a separate file. Use a real text editor for this and not a word processing program. I use Emacs on all operating systems I know. On Windows Notepad might be an option. Then in Excel go to menu 'Data'->'Get External Data'->'Import Text File' A file open dialog opens and you select the file containing the line notation. Press the 'Import' button. Now you end up in the 'Text Import Wizard': Select 'Delimited' and click 'Next'. On page two of the wizard select 'Semicolon' and deselect 'Tab'. You will see part of the file in the 'Preview' now already sorted into columns. Now click 'Finish' and Excel will ask you if it should open a new worksheet or if the data should be imported into the current worksheet. Do whatever is appropriate for you.

Hey and now I have found a simpler solution. Do a copy/paste of the line notation from your browser window into the existing Excel worksheet. So you end up having the data in multiple rows, but in only one column. Now select the column and go to 'Data'->'Text to Columns ...' You will end up in the same wizard as before now working on the column and not a file. Continue as above.

So now it is up to you how to handle the data in Excel.