I'll echo mgb's post. It isn't that large and it is smaller than the Beseler. If you want a perspective on size, look up a Durst 184. Something like 8 1/2 feet tall and that is just the height of the column, forget about raising the head all the way.

Great enlargers, I've had mine for years. I'm more partial to the ungeared DII as the gears on the D2 can strip eventually. There is no easy fix for that as far as i'm aware aside from finding parts secondhand.

The DII has these plastic bushings which can be replaced with bearings and metal bushings from mcmaster carr.
Otherwise, most of the bits are reasonably priced and very easy to find. I used to prefer diffusion but over the years i've come to really prefer the condensers. Careful with the 4x5" condenser if you get one, they are very fragile and easy to scratch with a negative carrier if you are careless. I know because i've managed to ruin at least three over the years. Plus they are heavy.

If you are at a lack of space or don't have a permanent space for a darkroom, look for a rolling cart to place the enlarger on. Wheeling it into a darkened bedroom with an adjacent bathroom at night works, i've done the printing in the bedroom and have the trays in the tub. It works well enough that I was able to print for 2-3 years like that.