General information from previous gatherings and threads:

An 11x13 foot darkroom is available for loading film holders, naps and emergencies.

Download the CVNP park map
Last event we climbed and shot in the Virginia Kendall Area
And specifically the Ledges Trail map
Bring copies of the maps with you.

The cheap flea-bag hotel down the road that offered showers at $40 a night.

There can be a camp fire for talk near the tents. Bring a camp chair, Deep Woods OFF! in towlettes or spray and look out for poison ivy in the woods. Bring your own drinks and snacks. Morning coffee and sweet rolls is about all we can afford.

Please post your travel plans so we know who is coming and when to expect you. for zip 44286 gives expected weather for the weekend and even hourly guesstimates. Foul weather fall back: The William Wegman: Fay and a Helen Levitt exhibits will be on at the Akron Art Museum.

Last event Jeff and Eva donated an enlarger to the University of Akron. Mention donations, wtb, for sale or for giveaway in advance so others can plan or request.

You all come.

John & Dolly