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I'd heard that the G2 won't support faster lenses in terms of the accuracy of its autofocus system.
I'd wonder, though, if I'd trust any autofocus system to determine the exact point which I wanted to focus on with an f1.4 lens at normal "portrait" distances. To my mind this requires:
1. a stationary subject
2. a manual focus rangefinder with a long effective base length rangefinder. Only a Leica would be suitable for this...
Depending on your tolerance for old equipment, you might have good success with a prewar Contax RF. The rangefinder baseline is huge on a II or a III. A one-inch difference in subject difference (say, the end of the nose versus the eye) makes quite a difference in terms of degrees of barrel rotation. I was pretty well shocked at the focussing accuracy of my II when I got back my first test roll.

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