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As far as I know now, those dates are good for me. I'll bring my pile of home-made lenses and whatever results I have by then. And the ice cream maker, if there's room in the freezer for the tub. I'd really like to do more LF shooting this time, too. Especially at the Ledges - hopefully my neighbor and I will engineer some type of dirt-trail-ready cart.

That is great news. We will schedule in time for Bethe's volunteered pinhole lecture and demonstration. Give me measurements for the tub and I will make room in the film freezer. Dolly has to dig out her ice cream maker as well. Now how to hide all this from Jeff?

Here is a link to the babyjogger I use. http://babyjogger.com/perf_jogger_lp.aspx. That company makes several other shapes shown on their site. Perhaps one of these might act as an idea generator. Bobís friend Norm brought over a rig he built for his 4x5 based on a golf bag cart. Perhaps he can share some design ideas.

Glad you are coming. Missed you last weekend. No more unexcused absences for regulars.