Is there a place where we can find genuine reliable formulas for Geoffrey Crawley's FX series?

The reason why I ask is that I went looking for FX-15 following on from an earlier thread. Googling for the formula is easy and gives plenty of hits...

So far I have found three different formulas

They all have the same ingredients - but have different values for Phenidone and Sulphite. They all make up to 1 ltr - so it isn't a proportions issue. It could be an anydrous / crystal difference with the Sulphite, but the formulas don't say which to use, which isn't helpful - but I can't see any justification for different values of phenidone?

I think it is just that at least 2 of the three must be wrong - possibly all three! :rolleyes:

Does anyone know of a source of reliable data?