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You may not like digital photography for whatever reason (sorry, imaging :rolleyes: )...
First of all, I predate everyone or almost every here on in using digital imaging. I was on the Voyager Science Sequencing team and I designed and programmed the science platform, including the Wideange and Telephoto Cameras, on Voyager 1 to take the first photograph of the Earth and the Moon from beyond Moon's orbit [1977]. There was earlier work but I will not talk about it here. I also designed and programmed the science platform to take the Voyager 1's and Voyager 2's Jupiter's rotation and the Red Spot movies. I have not problem with using digital imaging for remote sensing.

Second of all just as crappy snapshots financed the development [pun intended] and improvement of film, crappy digipics will finance the development and improvements of film and digital imaging.

Third, lighten up and enjoy life, you take yourself WAY TOO SIRIUSLY! You will live longer.