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Does anyone have any experience with mailing 8.9x14cm (3 1/2 x 5 1/2") postcards? I've sent them within Australia, but I'm not sure if they'd work going abroad. They're a bit below your standard 10x15/4x6" size...
I've got 100 sheets of it sitting here, but if not I'll go and try to track down a box of Ilford postcard paper.

I have sent out 5x7s and 4x5s from Canada in the postcard exchange. They comply with Canadian postal requirements, but I understand that at least the 5x7 size would be in breach of the rules for cards originating in the USA. Despite that, I never had any problems with the ones that were sent to USA destinations (or any other destinations either).

Your Australian post office people may be able to answer the question for sure.