I went to Tucson the other week and one of the things I did was visit the Center for Creative Photography. On the first visit, there was an exhibit of Latino photographs. It was interesting to see the culture from a Latino's view point. After spending a week in southern Az photographing, we returned to visit again and this time the we spent time in the library and I looked at a book that Paula Chamlee has done and was blown away. I got to see the one of my favorite photographers book, Jay Dusard's "Portrait of the North American Cowboy." When we were kicked out because they were closing. Out in the foyer there was a party going on. The guest curator for the new show was to give a talk. We stayed and had some food and listened to the curator talk about Aaron Siskind's art and life. We got a preview of a retrospective of Aaron Siskind and for me it was spectacular. For those that are not familiar with Siskind's work, he was part of the Abstract Expressionist movement. He was the only photographer that was ever asked to exhibit with the Abstract Expressionist painters and was friendly with most of them. He taught in Chicago and also later in life at Rhode Island School of Design. His best friend was Harry Callahan who also taught at both places. He would have been 100 years old this year and in 1985 he and Harry donated their photograph work to the Center for Creative Photography to help start the institution.

I also got a nice coffee cup.