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Minolta 570
Minolta MD 70-210mm, f/4 zoom
Minolta MD-1 Motor Drive
Minolta 280PX flash
generic bag and a handfull of filters and odd accessories


This past winter I found a Minolta Rokkor-X 28mm, f/2 for $50

For savings, percentage-wise I'm not sure which is a better deal. Between the two, my Minolta buying days are pretty much over. There's nothing left (for me) to get.

Now I need a new excuse to lurk in thrift stores.

Between us Jeff, I think we may have had all the normals, simple WA, and short telephoto lenses in both Nikon and Minolta. But this last steal of yours was grand. I am envious as I have been shopping for the old beercan...let me know what you think of it.