I recently bought an Argus C3 (the 'Brick') for my collection.<http://home.earthlink.net/~jamesahall/argus/C3/index.html>
The Argus came with the Sandmar 35mm wide angle (one of the three lenses which were part of the complete set for the Argus).
Following the official instructions to replace a lens ,<http://jsurp.tripod.com/c3lens.htm>, I tried to remove the Sander Wide, but, it's impossible: I cannot move the lens one way or the other.
Of course the focussing gears don't work at all since the lens is stuck.
Is there someone out there, who could advise me what to do?
Of course I already started by spraying Asahiklin AK225 (a light duty degreaser) and some Ronson Lighter fluid around the base of the lens.
By the way: I also found out that turning the diaphragm-ring to rough did lead to turn too far either way, beyond the diaphragm-numbers. (I was so stupid in the beginning to try removing the lens by holding the diaphragm-ring!)