wow - nice gesture!!

I was thinking about something else (don't know whether it has been discussed before o rif it the right place to write this - if I am off base, delete the post, please):

I have students coming to my school every year. some of those would fit in the description of being "financially unable to subscribe" as you put it.

(students from Hungary/Latvia/Lithuania/Russia and so on)

Would it be possible to make a "school account" where the students from that semester could share an account? They are all interested in the analouge photography world, and I'd like them to become part of this community...

(A price of this kind of account could be higher than normal, as it would be a shared one, but not so high, I wouldn't be able to donate...)

what do you think?

(PS: of course all of the beforementioned students would be candidates for the generous offer in your post, but as it is summer, most of them have left the school... not all, though..)