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Sounds good guys. It looks like we're spread from San Mateo to San Rafael. Any thoughts on meeting places? I'm happy to travel/shoot anywhere. Muir Woods, Drawbridge, something like that?
Is it even possible to get to Drawbridge any more? There once was a photographer who who led tours out there through a program put on by the wildlife refuge in Newark, but that was stopped by Union Pacific after they bought out Southern Pacific. You had to cross over to the island by walking over one of their bridges, and UP did not want to deal with the liability that presented.

If you do go out there, make sure that somebody is watching for trains at all times. A lookout who can warn of approaching trains is absolutely necessary. The track that runs through Drawbridge is quite busy, the trains are running fast on this part of the line, and you might not hear them until they are almost on top of you.