Tillman Crane will be conducting a Platinum/Palladium Workshop this Fall at Daytona Beach State College, Florida. From the course description:
We will work with the NA2 platinum/palladium printing process. Topics to be covered include: paper choices, image color, contrast controls, basic hand coating methods, use of step wedges and sensitometry and masking techniques. By attending this workshop beginner platinum printers will be knowledgeable to work independently making platinum prints in your own darkroom. The more experienced platinum printer can use this workshop to build on their skill set and problem-solve printing issues.
There will be a public lecture Nov 5th, with the workshop itself starting Friday evening, Nov 6th; and continuing thru Sunday.
Workshop cost: Tuition $500 w $50 lab fee. Students to acquire on their own the Bostick & Sullivan kit
For more information and how to register, visit Tillman Crane's website ( to be updated shortly)

This is an exciting opportunity for those who live nearby as well as any "snowbirds" who are looking for a great vacation package in sunny Florida.