I wasn't kidding about the Holga.

I got one on EBay just for this project.

We are talking primitive. This is a 120S. one speed (1/100), maybe two apertures (f8, and maybe f11). Piece of plastic. Flash shoe (I'll have to try it out and see if it works)

16 shots. 645 format (vertical).

My first thoughts about this...

1.) Two rounds of 12 people each. (or three rounds 8 people each, everyone gets two shots?)
2.) First round goes to the States only.
3.) Camera gets returned to me, I reload the film, send it to Canada and then Europe.
4.) Camera winds up in Ireland. Sile develops 2nd roll, I develop first roll, we put the pitchers together and release project.

This will keep the US faction interested until Camera 6 gets here, keep the European faction interested after Camera 6 leaves.

Now some input...

Film? B&W?, XP1?, Color?, Speed?
Concept if any?
Are y'all feeling 'Arty'?

tim in san jose