Yea I'm feeling kind o farty. I got me a few Holgas already, not that I use them much.

Film? B&W for me, if you don't mind. One of the old-school (Jeez how I hate that expression) formulations seems fitting, something you're comfortable processing. HP5, Tri-X, Foma-something... ISO 400 would work for all the seasons the camera's floating around out there. Something with exceptional latitude because we're going to need it.

Concept? I'm having a hell of a time coming up with a 'cornerstone' that hasn't been done to death. I prefer no specific assignment. Too much thinking involved.

Instructions re: winding the film will have to be very explicit and well-published, as there is no way to prevent accidental double exposures from somebody neglecting to wind on, or the occasional wasted blank frame from too much winding on between users. I suggest including a spare roll of film in the package, in the event the winding gets out of hand.

I have not taped any of my cameras against light leaks, as I see these as a part of the Holga experience. Sending these things around the world to people who've never used one, without securing the back with gobs of tape, means an excellent chance the back will fall off two or three times, destroying the film that's been shot.

I'm in, whatever's decided.