Please count me in, too. I like the thought of keeping us chicken-cooking pagans occupied while waiting for camera 6. Great idea, Tim.

My film vote would be for black & white. XP2 Super (C41) may be the simplest to work with here.

Concept ideas:

1) Portraits at a distance of no more than 6 feet or 1.83 meters from the camera (people or animals).
2) Double exposures (we may get these anyway as it's so easy to do accidentally).
3) A photograph from (or of, if you're not allowed) the tallest building in your town. Or simply from the highest point in your area.
4) Open a dictionary (or other publication to be determined later), point to a word that represents an object. Go out and photograph that object.
5) Street photography. If you're squeamish about this...great! You only need to take one or two shots. You have to try this at least once in your life.
6) For Photo #1, locate a photo of yourself from at least 10 years ago and photograph it. For Photo #2, have someone photograph you at the very same spot.
7) Compositional concepts like the Golden Ratio, Golden Rectangle, 1.618 etc. Close to the Rule of Thirds, I suppose. Here's too much info:
8) Photograph something you're not supposed to photograph. (We may need disclaimers on this one.) :-)
9) Signs that make you smile or scratch your head.
10) Letters. Each participant is assigned a letter. Whether you see your letter in the clouds or within a pattern on your morning toast or whatever, photograph it. When we're done, we'll have something to say on the APUG gallery with our thumbnail images. What we say will be determined later.

Okay, I know some of these concepts are a stretch, but, something here may trigger other ideas.