What is the filter thread on your lens? If it is small enough, your best bet for very high quality (and reasonable cost) is the Nikon series of wide angle converters for older digital cameras, like the WC-E68 (which is a steal); this gives .68x angle of view. If the thread is larger, then you may need a 55mm adapter; the Olympus series of WCON units - e.g. WCON-07x is a superb unit. If those are difficult to locate, Canon makes a number of units, as does Sony; they are all very good. The only problem with wide angle adapters, is that they may match better or worse with any given lens, so you may have to experiment - look for focus across the picture frame at near and far focus, chromatic abberation, and sharpness. Avoid brands like Opteka or Digital Optics, these are soda bottle bottoms.