I have a beautiful Walnut tree in my front yard, squirrels and birds love it, the squirrels clean out the nuts each year before anyone can harvest them. The tree was there when our house was the only one in the area, it was a primary school one hundred years ago. My neighbors who died last year lived in the neighborhood since the 1930's having built their house, the second one up the hill on a dirt road in the forest of trees, said the tree was fully grown then. It's old and has thick limbs twisting from bad pruning over the years. The leaves just came out a few weeks ago. We also had a telephone pole on the corner not far from the tree. It had been there for over 50 years the PUD told me. It was listing so they decided to replace it. In order to do it they needed to trim back the Walnut tree a bit. I told them it was a specimen tree and very old and much admired by the neighbors. The supervisor said they would only cut what was necessary for the wires to pass.

I watch and wait and finally the cutting crew came while I was out. As I drove up to the garage all looked fine but when I walked to the front I almost fell over. They made a half tree out of the upper branches. Hold up your hand and look at the palm, then turn your hand. Get the picture? I now call it my half Walnut tree. One squirrel ran down a wire and was going to jump onto a branch but stopped and just stared. It was too far to jump. I told my wife I will never trim that tree again. Instead of going under ground they put up another pole that will be there for another 75 years. A good shovel read project would be to put all the wires underground in this country and plant trees in the place of telephone poles.