Nice to see you on here again! Well, we ended up moving down to SoCal and I'm still trying to get my practice into the black (i.e. I need an income from making people well, not a hobby!) but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to everyone for the information on the Durst enlarger. After much (and I mean a lot) of debating with myself, I was getting ready to pull the trigger on it, and Gary's brother (from APUG) wrote me regarding the Minolta enlarger, and said he is willing to ship it from GA to CA for a very reasonable price. So in the end, I will be going that route, it is what I have been wanting for so long...but the Durst was a really good option, and almost went for it.
Thanks for everything, and all that info will come in handy some day, I am sure! This is such a good place for all the years of knowledge one can get in just a few days of posts!
Take care,