Printed all my postcards today, I had a few hours to spare and a bundle of paper, so I didn't wait for the Ilford Postcard paper...oh well, I'll use it for the next exchange. 50-odd prints floating in the wash bath attracted some attention in the university darkroom, so APUG might get some new members for it.

I've also received a few! which is impressive, as they have to travel an awfully long way.

Pete H., I dig the waterfall a whole lot. Velvet soft.

MattKing, got yours too, complete with very Canadian stamp. I like it, reminds me of the walkways through the mangrove trees when I was little.

mooseontheloose, the first HIE photo I've seen up close, and all around a very impressive photo. I like the boy in the foreground, great capture in time. Reminds you exactly how high speed HIE was.

lorirfrommontana, a regular sight in the outback here too, I remember a few sign posts like that. Endlessly interesting, and the FM2 with a 50mm is my favorite combination.

Time to start addressing photos, expect it to be a little while as I slowly buy all those stamps, budgeting is a pain.