I finally got the film advance lever fixed - for Free!. Well, it did cost half hour in time. I received a lever from a friend that I modified to fit - drilled a bigger hole and screwed it to the existing metal tab. a shot of matt black paint and I'm happy. It's not as big as the original, but fits well and has more than enough leverage to go through a 220 roll.

I did add a soft release button - in black of course!

Shot a handful of rolls to test out the camera. A few long expired Kodak and Fuji Rolls that I picked up for a buck each and some b+w tmax developed in D76. I uploaded some of those shots - don't mind the dust as they were only quick scans. The colours are off on the Kodak, but the Fuji held up well for being expred in 2001!

GX617 Test Shots: http://cid-8dc80855c3c31849.skydrive...617%20Panorama

All shots were handheld, except for the forest shots which were with aid of tripod and cable release. Tried a few filters - some worked, some not so much. Could have done without the polarizer - too much variance across the frame, but that was expected, just wanted to see the effect. Lot of light fall off at larger apertures, but pretty good at smaller ones around f22. I'd like to get a center ND filter but haven't come across anyone selling in 77mm.

Let me know what you think - any shooting advice would be appreciated. Thanks, B.