Thanks Peter - glad you like the shots. I too find the pano format quite interesting and a break from the norm.

I'm still finding my way around this camera, but I'm very impressed with the stock Fuji 90mm that's on it. Just rescanning some of the select shots and seems like you could see for miles into the frame and everything is so sharp!
The previous scans that I posted were without any sharpening or processing and still they look good (scanned dry on a V750).

The camera is a treat to use as I just carried it around my neck and shot at whim. I did get some bizarre looks when shooting with this camera as it doesn't look anything old or new. The funny thing is, even with just 4 shots to the roll, I find myself reserving each shot for anything "film worthy", but it still goes by quick. A roll of 220 seemed to take forever (all of 8 shots!) as I looked for particular things to shoot. I did find the detachable viewfinder handy as I used just it to scope out "things" before bringing the camera out of the bag. I haven't had a chance to used the GG yet since I've just relied on the viewfinder and hyperfocal focusing - so quick.

Going out this weekend - hope for a good shoot.