I've been away this week, and got home to a whole stack of cards

Rmann's white door. You can't beat large format for tone and detail. Is it a crop or did you use a shrinker instead of an enlarger?
Lori's signs. That must be a long-lost relative in Montana (Harris 7.8m).
Barry's bluebell woods. Interesting effect. I keep expecting a Cossack to appear through the woods.
The cemetery from Christopher Walraith. An optimistic message - life goes on as the tree hides the gravestone.
Matt King's whimsical wetland walkway. It looks like a good bird watching area too.
The shot from Guus is a tranquil country lane. To me it evokes the sound of rooks cawing.
The IR shot of the Sacré Coeur from Rachelle is simply brilliant! The boy and the Basilica create a diagonal tension, the clouds and trees to the upper left add a second diagonal to draw attention to the church, the boy standing on the right forms another diagonal with the near boy, great timing for the kick. Wish I'd taken that shot!

Thanks to all!