I bought 10 sheets of 11x14 of the polywarm, for a silly price - 43$ or thereabouts.

Quite a disappointment. Certainly very little in common with the old Forte Polywarmtone. Much lighter paper weight (similar in feel to Agfa MCC111), and acts differently in dektol. Comes up very fast, with an unpleasant green tone that I'm used to seeing on Ilford Warmtone. I found the Forte paper to be relatively slow speed; this Argentone stuff is on the faster side. Not as fast as Ilford; perhaps a stop slower.

Didn't have a lot of joy with it in selenium 1:20. I used to be able to coax a pleasant brown tone out of the polywarmtone; didn't seem to get that with the Argentone.

Didn't seem to lith at all; not in the Kodak Superlith RT I was using, at least.

No particularly redeeming qualities that I found. Quite pleased that it stunk, actually, 'cause I'd be gutted if it was something special. I'm put off by the obnoxious pricing, and frankly, couldn't afford to print on it even if I wanted to. If it's costing 4$ + per sheet of 11x14, what do you reckon 20x24's gonna run?

Although it's a graded paper, I find Fotokemika Emaks to resemble the Forte Polywarmtone a fair bit. They certainly share a tonality, and with a bit of bromide in my Dektol 1:2, I get a warmth that is similar. Nice paper to work with.

I'd be interested in other opinions on this Argentone paper.