Rhys, I recently been asking my self the very same question !

I've been using a Paterson Orbital for over 12 months and have finally concluded that it's been to problematic (for me) in that I've experienced too many uneven development/ streaking problems. It does seem to work well for others though so this might just be down to my method of using it and or the film/dev combinations I'm using.
I decided to give open tray processing a go and again while others promote it and say it's easy with practice, I just got really frustrated with trying to control slippery sheets of film in the dark and ended up ruining some pretty decent negs with scratches etc.

I'd heard good things about sloshers so, with the help of an engineer friend set about making one from some acrylic ....... What an absolute joy it was !! So easy to use, even development and clean negs. It's still early days and I'll probably need to do alot more before I'm totally convinced but I'm hoping this is going to be the way forward for me now.

I'm going to PM you.