I asked about RA4 printing a while back and it sounds like it's about the same as B&W but you need different chemicals, and there's a lot less materials available. You also need a special safelight or else to go in the dark.

I haven't found a cheap color enlarger, all I have is my Omega C700 derivative condenser enlarger. I've heard that you can use color filters; is this a total nightmare or is it practical? Where do you get the filters? It seems like maybe once you figure out the necessary filter stack for a certain film and paper, it might pretty much stay the same forever. Or not?

Also, I suppose an eye for color is something that must be developed. Based on my digital-editing abilities, I don't have one. I just know when the colors look wrong. How do you know what needs adjusted? B&W seems simpler in terms of figuring out what is wrong.