The color filter set you'll need can be had from Freestyle. Find them here. You'll need the 3 in sq. set and might have to cut them down a bit to fit the filter drawer. It's a pain in the ass, but it can be done. Using a dichro enlarger is a lot easier. As for the safelight, you're probably best off working in the dark. See if you can find a Beseler print drum and roller. They come up every now and then on Ebay for not much money. You load the paper into the drum and then pour chemistry into and out of the tank much the same you you would a daylight film developing tank. The motorized roller provides agitation, and the system uses very little chemistry per print. But be careful, because the motorized bases often don't work. Mine is completely dead. Even though it shows no signs of abuse, the motor doesn't run. I can still use the drum without the roller base by rolling it back and forth across the table.