Off to a great start!
The first postcard I received was frommooseontheloose:Rachelle and of course I LOVED it being an infrared fan myself and because the image was so great! Wow, your IR photo of Sacre Coeur was very well done. I don't always have people in my IR shots either so I understand what a novelty it is to have a gesture of a person in the shot. It certainly makes it interesting.
Second postcard was a lovely shot of apple blossoms from lorirfrommontana taken from her backyard. Don't you love it when all you have to do is go outside to get a decent shot!
Third postcard is a moody shot of a cemetary head stone from Christopher A Walrath and I really enjoy the fact that the postcard is bigger than the standard postcard. I do love wandering around in cemetaries. They are so peaceful... We have a beautiful one here in Victoria called Ross Bay Cemetary.
And finally today I received PeteH's gorgeous pinhole shot of a grouping of clear water glasses. Simply wonderful, Pete! Love the tones and the composition. Wish I had taken so jealous..
Now I have to find an image to print. I still have two rolls of HIE to develop..maybe something might be worthy.