Buffered Borax Developer

This is a variant of D76 I'd not seen before, it came from the Kodak Research Laboratories and was published in 1934 in Camera, Philadelphia and the BJP 26th Oct 1934 page 638-9 (and the BJP Almanac 1935).

Metol 2 gm
Hydroquinone 5 gm
Sodium Sulphite (anhyd) 100 gm
Borax 2 gm
Boric Acid 14 gm
Water to 1 litre

(The formula was published to make 500ml, figures doubled to make 1 litre for comparative purposes)

Ruyuki Suzuki, Sliver Garin.orb lists a D76x variant which is quite similar, but contains 0.125 gm Potassium Bromide & 15 gm Boric Acid.