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I, myself, never found color printing worth the effort; yet I have a friend who loved to do Cibachrome. To each his own. The color head on the Beseler is great for b/w printing though: a diffusion head can give smoother tonality; and contrast changes with VC papers are merely a question of dialing in the proper filtration. And max on that enlarger is 6 x 9 cm.
When I worked a Kodak, I had wonderful darkrooms available to me. I used a Super Chromega 5XL Dichoric II and the Kreonite machine. The Kreonite was a wonderful machine and I got spoiled. I would not process enough color prints to make the investment of money, time and space for a Kreonite machine. If one was locally available, I would use it. For now I have an optical photoprocessor do my custom work.