I love both of them. As I've said I will use the Gossen with the dome for quick and dirty readings, or when using chromes, but use the Pentax when I find the need to get anal. The Pentax I adjust so it reads a grey card at the same reading as my Gossen. Once that is done I meter shadows, highlights, middle tones, cleveage whatever it takes. Apply the suitable high velocity fudge factor and then take my shot.

Actually before I got back into all this LF stuff I very rarely used a meter at all for B&W. After 30+ years doing this stuff you kind of get the hang of it. That's another reason why I like to keep things simple. One type of film (well maybe two), one type of paper ( well one brand anyway) and one type of developer. Ok so I tried Pyro tonight, but I haven't contact printed the negs yet.