If you stand on your head and look at the image it isn't reversed. It isn't backwards. However it does feel backwards just to look at the image. Because things pointing "left" in right side up orientation will be pointing "right" when upside down. Actually it might be easier if the image was both upside down and backwards because in standing there composing the upside down image I quite often reverse it in my mind as if I could lift the image from the bottom straight up to the top. But it must be rotated.

The reason an image in a WLF is right side up and backwards is because it is bounced off a mirror. You could do the same thing with your view camera. Hold a mirror under the image angled so that you can see it, it will be right side up and backwards.

If the image on a ground glass were actually upside down and backwards, you could hold a mirror under the ground glass angled for you to see and it would be right side up and oriented correctly.