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fine art - art - photography - snapshots ...
its all the same ...
No, they are not.

The big and real difference is in what people want it to be.
(Whether they achieve what they want is something else.)

You can separate the three by holding them up to their intent, or prentense, and the degree in which they achieve their pretense.

Snap shots, documents, etc. pretend to be just that. And they achieve that completely.

Art pretends to be more. To oversimplify something terrible: a statement.
And it succeeds in that very well too.

Fine art pretends to be art.
But it fails, since (like i wrote before) its subject matter is fully exhausted in being itself. It's purely a "look at me!" thingy, with nothing to look at.

Yes, yes, i know. We're supposed to go "Ooh! Look at that! How masterly crafted!".
So a nice thing for crafts shows perhaps. To admire the craft.
But how poor a thing is a craft when it itself is all there is, and it hasn't been put to its intended use.

Photography doesn't belong, because it is a medium. A tool to express something. Not a form of expression or an expression itself.