Well this is all good fun right? Perhaps just a different way of thinking of the same thing. But if you aim your view camera at a word that of course reads left to right, when it gets projected onto your ground glass it is upside down. If you stand on a chair and turn your head upside down, the word will still read correctly. It won't look like a mirror image because it is only upside down and not both upside down and reversed. IF you hold a mirror under the ground glass while you stand behind the camera and angle the mirror up so you can see the image as if it is right side up, it will be reversed and the word will read backwards.

This is all humorous and a bit difficult to explain, but I am sitting 10 feet from an 8x10 camera on a still life set and there is no question that what I am saying is correct. My flowers which point to the left in reality are upside down and thus pointing right in the camera. If they were both upside down and reversed they would point to the left in reality and still point to the left when upside down.

I think we are just stating the same thing differently