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You can separate the three by holding them up to their intent, or prentense, and the degree in which they achieve their pretense.

Snap shots, documents, etc. pretend to be just that. And they achieve that completely.

Art pretends to be more. To oversimplify something terrible: a statement.
And it succeeds in that very well too.

Fine art pretends to be art.
But it fails, since (like i wrote before) its subject matter is fully exhausted in being itself. It's purely a "look at me!" thingy, with nothing to look at.
Yes, I think that the intent of the photographer is important in drawing a line between "art" and not-art.

Sometimes I think that even the intent to create art is not enough. I generally would not describe myself as an artist, because I think that whether what I produce amounts to art is not for me to judge. Alternatively, perhaps the intent to create art is enough, in which case it is for others to judge whether it is good art or bad art.

In practice, I think the term "fine art" is often just used as a marketing term by galleries to justify high prices, or high praise, for questionable art.