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Was looking through some old pictures that my mom got from my grandmother. And I found some old polaroid but they were labeled Kodak Instant film. These pictures were dated mid seventies. How long ago was this product discontinued? I have never heard of it and was just curious.
Sounds like pictures taken with one of the old Colorburst cameras of the 1970s and early 1980s. If you are old enough, you might even remember seeing those REALLY tall and funky looking cameras (they looked MUCH more ridiculous than a polaroid). I should also note that Kodak made an instant camera in the early 1980s that produced a print that was MUCH more like a conventional RA-4 print than a polaroid. I believe they called it the Trimprint series (since the prints were thinner, and advertised as being able to be trimmed with scissors just like RA-4 prints). Of course, as others here have said, this all went away with the Polaroid lawsuit.