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I bought 1,000 sheets from Germany a couple of years ago, I'm almost through that lot and I think I will just cut up other stock to size for the future.

I don't need any postcard stock myself at the moment (due to my lack of involvement at the moment and I still have several boxes) but I wonder if you'd have the market to organise something like this. I'd probably grab a few anyway! Not sure how internal postage to participants would affect the overall costings but that could be an issue also. There's a couple of group buys happening at my camera club for the very reason that postage kills individual orders.

Postage from the US seems ridiculous. I recently participated in the 'largeformatphotograhy' exchange (you send your prints to a central location and that person sends back a batch of prints) and although what was sent to me was slightly larger and heavier than what I sent, mine cost $13 to send and after exchange conversion the other cost nearly $50. I've noticed it at other times as well.

Cheers, Nige

P.S. Good to see the enthusiasm of this exchange is still high, almost infectious! If I ever get organised I might have to rejoin the fray!