To me art is about practicing. There is, to me, craftsmanship involved. Any photographer that purposely go out of their way to create, convey, or speak something; who works hard in a darkroom to present a print that wholly is in unison with their vision and appreciation of the subject matter is an artist in my opinion. It's about the practice, about the purpose. Anybody can make a pretty picture. That's not art. The effort is. The effort to stand in front of your materials and try to make the best possible print you can. Whether it's to anybody else' liking or not is indifferent. That's opinion and a wholly subjective matter.

And I think I agree with Jason that reproductions don't count, no matter how good they are. Seriously, the hard work of the artist is diluted that way. Sure, it helps more people appreciate it, but it is only reproduction of the original art work. A copy.