I bought my first camera in 1967 (35mm Mamiya/Sekor mailordered from Chicago to Louisiana) and proceeded to teach myself photography. Spiratone was this magic place in far away New York City that seemed to have everything I could ever possibly need and was affordable. I eventually moved to NYC and one of the great things was being able to go to both the mid-town store and the flushing store. I purchased a lot of stuff there -- lenses, flashes, umbrellas, flash and light meters -- more than I can recall. I still have most of this stuff in the basement though the old Mamiya eventually died and was replaced with a Nikon -- and most recently Canon equipment. That old 400mm 6.3 lens was amazing (for the money) boy what I could capture with it. Not really much of a lens by today's standards, but I took some of my best potraits with that lens -- believe it or not! Spiratone really was a gods send for us beginning photographers who had NO MONEY. I do miss that "wish book".