I have an enlarger conundrum. I keep picking them up for free or nearly so.

First of all I am an apartment dweller and my darkroom is in a closet. It works, though, and I have my Omega Concept 6 enlarger (similar to C700) and 35mm and 6x6 negative carriers wedged in there. It works, and the paper safe is quite convenient.

Well now I got this 23C II with dichroic head and Omega D2 enlarger from a photo club that disbanded and left all their stuff in some guy's garage. No lenses or negative carriers, and I think the Omega is missing the bellows that goes between the giant condenser lens and the carrier stage. Are these enlargers any good? I don't understand what the upper bellows adjustment is for on the Beseler, and the lensboard is not threaded, making it really inconvenient to change lenses...do you really have to use a screwdriver to change lenses?

Well I don't know what to do with them. The Beseler looks cool because it does larger medium-formats (which I don't shoot right now). It also has a color head (although I don't have a real problem with using multigrade filters and don't currently print color, but might try it). But it won't do 4x5 (which I can see taking up in the future) without modding. I originally thought I would replace my concept-6 with it, since it does everything it does and more. I just don't think it will fit in my closet, and I don't have negative carriers for it, and I don't really have a need for it right now.

The Omega D2 does 4x5 but that's it. I can't see using it for anything else. But unless I mod the 23C, it would be my ticket to large format.

I guess I could move my darkroom out of the closet (feasable but encroches on the rest of my man-space), in which case I could bolt all 3 of them to my work bench. But it seems like I should just pick one.